Pakistan Military Academy

Military Training

            Military training at the Academy comprises a comprehensive package of basic military skills, conceptual appreciation of varied professional knowledge, tactical exercises under simulated battlefield conditions and class room instructions for building logical analytical approach and clarity of thought, all so vital for correct decision making. Cadets participate in extensive weapon handling practices, numerous endurance / tactical exercises in diverse terrain and weather conditions and encounter challenges of command in different appointments as leaders. Cadets are therefore put through strenuous training in challenging field conditions to prepare them for the ultimate tests. Some salient features of training methodology are:-

Professional Skills

The most effective manner to lead is by example. An officer therefore ought to be a lot more dexterous in professional skills than his men, to inspire them well. Cadets are given extensive field craft training and practice in the handling as well as firing of different weapons through a progressively run firing regime concluding at tactical application of acquired firing skills.

Tutorial Discussions

Various aspects of a given topic are discussed as a group activity. A detailed questionnaire is dished out to the class a day in advance for prior browsing, mental exercise and preparation. The whole exercise is made very stimulating, ideally suited for analytical work and self-learning.

Model Discussions

It is very important to inculcate knowledge in minds of cadets through model discussion. This is a very effective way to make the young cadets learn and memorize things easily. In real life experience it is the model discussions that helps a cadet to apply theories practically on ground that they have learned in academy

Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, HI(M)