Pakistan Military Academy

Academics in PMA

       It is by now axiomatic that education is an investment in human resource that gives rich dividends in the shape of fostering the intellectual capacity and hidden promise in an individual. With the realization that officers need to be armed with thinking ability, ready knowledge and lucid expression, academic training has always been an integral component of the overall training curriculum at PMA. The academic training has been designed specifically to meet the vision of what we would like to see the young officers become, both in terms of being imbued with the worldly wisdom (according to their age) as well as with the quality of character. The courses of study are placed on a par with university education and help the cadets attain a broad-based education in a number of mandatory and optional subjects. In a larger perspective, it fosters in cadets personalities capable of being at home with their international contemporaries, while not being disassociated with their local and domestic obligations. As a premier institution, our aim is to sustain the enviable standards that the academy has maintained in the past. These are helped much by dependable and scholarly academic faculty as well as by the provision of the best available educational infrastructure and aids. The academic training at the Academy is organized by the Academic Wing comprising 11 academic departments, which function under the Director of Studies (DOS).Read More...

Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, HI(M)