Pakistan Military Academy

      1st Pakistan Battalion

Khalid Company

      Khalid Company, first of the two original companies of the 1st Pakistan Battalion (Quaid-i-Azam's Own) was founded on 26 Jan 1948. Its first Company Commander was Major Tikka Khan, an Artillery officer and one of the Muslim Company Commanders at the IMA who opted for Pakistan. He rose to the rank of General and retired from service as Chief of Army Staff in 1976. The company had started its first term with four platoons, but a number of its cadets were later transferred to Qasim Company (the junior most company of the Battalion). Its strength was, therefore, reduced by a platoon. Its first Senior Under Officer and Junior Under Officer were Gentleman Cadet Waheed Qadir and Gentleman Cadet Qazi Abdul Rashid, respectively.

Tariq Company

      Tariq Company is the oldest company of 1st Pak Bn. (Quaid-i-Azam's Own) PMA, was raised on 26 Jan 1948 along with Khalid Company. Tariqites derive their name from great Muslim General, the conqueror of Spain and victor in many others wars. Tariq's memorable victory with a handful of men, his dauntless courage, his fearless spirit, his faith in God and himself are constant source of inspiration to the company, The bearer of that great flag. Maj SAA Bilgrami, FF was the first company commander of Tariq Company and first CSUO was GC Fazle Haq. Maj Muhammad Akram Shaheed ex 28 PMA L/C, VALIANT SON OF TARIQ COMPANY was awarded Nishan e Haider during 1971 War. Motto of the company is "Death before dishonor"

Qasim Company

      Qasim Company was raised on 30 Aug 1948. It was the third company of the 1st Pakistan Battalion (Quaid-i-Azam's Own) and had been named after yet another illustrious General, Muhammad Bin Qasim. He, at the age of seventeen, led the Muslim Army from Arabia to the south-western shores of the subcontinent to conquer Sind. Major S. G. Mehdi, of the Punjab Regiment, was transferred from Tariq Company to raise and command Qasim Company. The first Company Senior Under Officer was Tariq M. Mir. They led the Company in tennis, squash, and boxing competitions. The first batch of Qasimites were a very cheerful lot who possessed unusaual talent for creative fun. With their debating acumen, musical talent, and initiative in organising hilarious functions such as Fancy Dress Show, Gymkhana and Mushairas, they added a unique colour to the Academy's social activities. The company carries the motto "Born To Win"

Salahuddin Company

      Salah-ud-din Company was raised on 28 Aug 1949. It was the fourth Company of 1st Pakistan Battalion (Quaid-i-Azam's Own) and had been named after illustrious General, Salah-ud-din Ayubi. Major A Hameed Khan of the Baloch Regiment was the first Company Commander of Salah-ud-in Company. The company became champion for the first time in winter session 1954/55. The Company is having the unique honour of 2 x Nishan- e - Haiders (Maj Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed and Maj Shabbir Sharif Shaheed). It also has ex COAS General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiyani and an ex Sri Lanken COAS Lt Gen Chandrika Sirilal Weerasooriya belong to Salah-ud-din Company. Construction of Salah-ud-din alongwith Qasim block was carried out in 1971. At present the Company colour is navy blue, motto is Ghazis and slogan is Lion Hearts.

Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, HI(M)